Graduate’s Cake Censored Over Seemingly Obscene Phrase

Graduation season is in full swing, which means (among many other things) that bakeries around the country will be getting plenty of extra work. While you can get most bakers to write whatever message you want to a grad on the cake, some might refuse or alter the wording for different reasons, especially if obscene. This instance, though, seemed like more of a miscommunication – at least, that’s what we hope.


The Toronto Sun reports on one South Carolina grad’s botched cake. Bought from a local Publix grocery by Cara Koscinski, the mother of graduate Jacob Koscinski, the cake was meant to have the Latin phrase “summa cum laude” written across it, but the bakery didn’t seem to like that.


Having placed the order online, Koscinski saw that the field for messages marked part of the phrase as a bad word, replacing “cum” with three dashes after seemingly associating it with a slang term for ejaculation. Using the special instructions field, she explained the term to the store (“summa cum laude” literally translates to “with the highest distinction” in English) and sent the order, believing the problem to be solved and a proper graduation cake waiting for her.


It was not. When a relative came to pick up the cake, they were unaware of the issue at hand. Seemingly ignoring or maybe just disbelieving the explanation, the bakery had gone ahead with writing “Summa—Laude” on top of the icing.


After taking her complaints to the store, Koscinski received an apology plus a full $70 refund, plus a gift card for her troubles.




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