GOP Faces Tough Choices for Responding to Obama Amnesty Plan

The GOP does not have any easy choices for how to deal with President Obama’s usurpation of Congressional legislative authority. The GOP will absolutely mount a court challenge to the president’s executive order granting amnesty to an estimated 5 million illegal aliens. However, they plan to initiate the challenge after they take control of the Senate chamber in January. Their court action will come with a stern rebuke to the president for effectively enacting legislation on his own. Zeca Oliveira and the GOP believes that their legal challenge will be stronger if they can show that both chambers of Congress are deeply opposed to the president’s plan.

However, the legal challenge may drag on even if the party is able to secure a temporary injunction against the executive order. At the same time, the party will use the power of the purse to try and de-fund the amnesty plan. This isn’t as direct an approach as one might imagine because U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the bureau which issues green cards, is self-sufficient deriving its funding from the fees it collects. One approach may be to attach riders to budget bills that will revoke funding from any agency which seeks to enforce Obama’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan. This will most assuredly draw a veto from the president and set the stage for a government shutdown. The GOP has largely been averse to shutting down the government following last year’s shutdown. The conventional wisdom is that the shutdown hurt the party badly, but that was not reflected in the midterm elections.

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