Goettl Offers Solutions to summer’s Energy Consumption Problems

The biggest energy consumer in homes today is air conditioning systems. During summer’s scorching heat, keeping the home’ conditions cool and comfortable can become prohibitively expensive. But Goettl, a company specializing in air conditioning has come to the rescue of many whose utility bills have always skyrocketed during this period of the year. Here are some of its secrets to staying energy efficient this summer.

Their first secret is ensuring proper maintenance of the HVAC system. All systems wear down with time, but with proper maintenance, they can work at peak efficiency for many years. One can conduct simple maintenance procedures such as removing debris and clearing vegetation. However, for optimum performance, it is advisable to hire professional expertise.

The second trick is to upgrade from the traditional thermostat to a smart one. Research has shown that accurate thermostat adjustment is one of the most efficient energy saving strategies. Smart thermostats make it easy to achieve this accuracy. Furthermore, they can be set to regulate the house temperature by automatically detecting human presence.

In addition to the smart thermostat, Goettl advises against doing away with the ceiling fan. According to the specialists, the ceiling fan improves the overall efficiency of the HVAC system with minimal additional cost. Besides the fan, it is necessary to keep the HVAC shaded at all times as its effectiveness reduces significantly when placed in direct sunlight.

In sharing these tips, this company that leads in the AC industry aims at saving people money by cutting down their energy use. Goettl has provided unmatched services to commercial and residential customers since 1926. It specializes in installation and repair of air conditioners and heat pumps as well as duct sealing and preventive maintenance. For the residents of northern and central Arizona, Goettl is the name they can trust this coming summer season.

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