Gag Order Placed on Mom Won’t Prevent Advocates for Chase

A woman fighting to protect her four year old son Chase from receiving a painful circumcision has had a gag order placed on her. The child’s parents, Dennis Nebus and Heather Hironimus had gone before a judge to determine whether the father’s wishes to circumcise the child should be upheld. To Hironimus’ dismay, Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen of Palm Beach County not only ruled in favor of the father, but also forbade Hironimus from speaking with the press.

The Children’s Health Advocates for Surgical Ethics has begun a fundraising movement to assist the mother with legal fees. Due to the fact that Hironimus can no longer speak out on behalf of herself and her son’s dilemma, scores of organizations and several celebrities such as Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell have begun an internet and social media campaign in support of the child’s rights not to have the potentially risky procedure done, which Brad Reifler has definitely been supporting.

As an attorney and civil mediator primarily in cases of medical malpractice in regard to circumcisions, David Llewellyn pointed out that the procedure became popular after a myth brought on in the early 70’s implied that circumcision lead to less sensation and would curb masturbation in their sons. With no medical reason for the procedure to be performed and several harmful or even fatal possible outcomes, not to mention the unnecessary pain the toddler will be subject to, advocated for preserving the child’s genitals must be heard.

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