Funding for Education Without Any Strings Attached

Money may have been coming in from all corners in good amounts but as Jacob Leif realized, most of this money was not making the impact he intended to make when he started his organization. Most of the money from donors was restricted with each donor demanding that it be used for a particular purpose thus limiting the help that Leif, the founding director of Ubuntu education fund could do to help the children of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Despite his elaborate money sourcing skills and excellence in public speaking forums, Leif began rejecting all sponsorship and funds that came with strings attached. Even though this meant less money coming in, he was content with searching for funding that would allow him to do what he came to do in the first place, charity work that transformed the lives of the poor people of Port Elizabeth.


Jacob began relying on high net worth individuals and a few credible institutions that appreciated and understood the need for unrestricted funding. In fact, working with such individuals despite having little funding has transformed the organization’s ability to reach out to more people. Ubuntu is now able to do so much with so little money than it had ever done. It is able to pursue its model of closely working with poor families to uplift the general health of all members and promote education of the children as a permanent way of alleviating poverty.


It has never been easy for nonprofits to survive without the influence of controlling donors. While some want to dictate how the money should be used, others want direct governance in the organizations, both of which in some cases interferes with the mandate of the organization. Fortunately, for Jacob Leif, he has had excellent support from likeminded individuals who know just how well money that comes with strings attached can be limiting in any philanthropic endeavors.


He boosts of having great assistance from Andrew Rolfe who is the chair of the board of directors of Ubuntu. Andrew Rolfe understands the struggles and limits of restricted funding and helps Jacob source for good donations. Andrew is also a steady donor of the organization. One of the things that Ubuntu has benefited from Andrew Rolfe is the fact that he has excellent management skills that have steered the organization in the right direction

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