Friends And Strangers Trade Soft Blows To Mark International Pillow Fight Day

Maybe all of the world’s leaders should take a cue from this one and battle it out with the softness of a giant marshmallow.


April 2nd marked International Pillow Fight Day 2017, and yes, the so-called holiday really exists and is massive. In fact, more than 100 cities around the globe took part in the silly sport where the feathers were flying and folks uncontrollably laughing.


New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle to Rome, Bucharest, Toronto, Paris and Bangalore, folks were more than willing to duke it out in the most fun, harmless and non-violent way.


We’re not sure who was in charge of cleaning up the major feathery messes after, but it’s all good. The annual event allows folks to burn off a few calories, laugh at life and gently bash a pal or stranger in the head and anywhere else on the body, we suppose.


People of all ages participated, although it looks like the special day was really reserved for mostly children and adults under 40. By the way, there are pillow fight rules for this fun event. For instance, participants must swing lightly, remove their eyeglasses beforehand, wait for the signal to bash away and hopefully bring a pillow with feathers because it’s much more hilarious to use.


International Pillow Fight Day is called an “urban playground event” and organized by The Urban Playground Movement. It was created to bring communities and people closer together. Plus, it’s a free event which is always welcome, and don’t laugh, it’s the eighth year the event has gone down.


This year, a new Guiness World Record was set for the largest pillow fight in the world. The honors went to exhilarated college students from the University of California in Irvine, all 4,200 of them who showed up to have some pillow fun. The huge mob blasted the old record of 3,813 participants.


It was a super hot day there in Irvine as students bashed away, dehydrated and sweating. All it took was 60 seconds of pillow fighting, and the world record was officially set.


Go, anteaters, go!


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