French President Slams France’s Attitude towards Immigration

Francois Hollanda, the president of France has given a passionate speech defending immigration into the country. This is a risky move which could cause a backlash from the right wingers.

This is the very first time he has spoken on the subject since he was elected two years ago. The speech was given as he was inaugurating the Museum of the history of Immigration. During the speech he said that “French society must be represented by all the colours of France.”

This is not the opening of the museum, so any direct connections to the incident cannot really be contended in this instance if you ask Sam Tabar. It is seven years old, however the previous president refused to inaugurate it because he did not like immigration.

Without being explicit, the President attacked those with right wing sympathies, with particular emphasis on the National Front for starting panic and fear in the community.

He said France must not “leave space for speeches that exploit the fear of dissolution, disintegration, and disappearance and to those who dream of a smaller France, a more spiteful France, a France in decline. We must fight against these claims for the sake of France.”

This statement referenced Hollande’s predecessor Sarkozy who said that “immigration threatened the French way of life. The French want to stay in France and that France does not look like another country.”

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