Four Years Later, Molly Returns Home

Many animal owners have experienced the anguish of losing a pet, whether the case involves theft of the animal or a pet that is lost. Many pet owners keep out hope of finding their pet again, but sadly, it is all-to-often those reunions are never enjoyed. One couple, however, has a happy ending after tragedy after their dog, Molly, who was missing for four years, finally made her way back home.



Although the North Carolina man has asked his four-legged friend where she’s been all these years, so far, Molly, isn’t saying a word. It isn’t expected that Molly will provide an answer any time soon, and questioning has now stopped. Molly’s owners are fine if they never know the answer to this question (although it would be nice to know!) Molly’s owner is simply thrilled that she made her way back home, even if it is a bit late for a few too many dinners.



Molly returned to the home of Joel and Carolyn McDonald looking just as ravishing as the day that she disappeared. Wherever she’d been for those years were obviously good to her. That is what anyone with a missing pet can truly hope for until their pet is found.



The love Molly has shown her master since arriving back at her home is immeasurable. When Molly’s owner opened his door early one morning Molly sat there as pretty as you please; as if nothing had ever happened. Molly is simply worried about getting as many fun moments (complete with treats) in with her family as possible.



Molly’s owner thought it was too good to be true, even with the dog sitting on his doorstep. Before her disappearance, Molly’s owner installed a Microchip into the dog, which helped confirm her identity after a visit to the veterinarian center where he worked.

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