For the love of speed- the story of a rally enthusiast Michel Terpins.

During the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally, something interesting happened that would bring a lot of excitement among fans of the sport. The rally scene would be transformed forever as two of the best in their respective fields were brought together. Michel Terpins, one of the most consistent and skilled drivers in the country, introduced the T-Rex.This is a vehicle developed by MEM motorsport to compete in the T1 prototype category. The coming together of this two brands was exciting because fans recognized that MEM designed some of the best racing cars that had graced the Brazilian rallying landscape. Michel on the hand was simply a legend, his skill and elegance as a driver had been put to the test and despite having less than a reliable car in the past, he had still proved why he was among the best. The T-Rex would receive the #322 sticker and from then onwards it that is the tag that Michel would come to be associated with. The #322 is special to rally fans as this is the number they have come to associate with winning. The Bull Sertoes rally team has proven that it is more than a creation of two brothers, but a blend of passion and skill and it was thus not lost on them when on the 24th edition a new addition was made to the team. Michel Terpins brought on Navigator Maykel Justo; Justo is one of the most experienced and high achieving navigators in the Brazilian rallying scene. He has over the years proved why he is an essential addition to every team that he joins and the ability of Michel to bring him on board just proved again why he was the best. Justo was excited to join the Bull Sertoes Team as he stated that working with Michel had been one of his dreams. The pair had brought together men that were willing to go the extra mile and reach for the stars in every competition that they entered. For them, this would present that opportunity as they realized that between them they had the skills to challenge the norm.

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