Flying Frozen Yogurt Courtesy of Drones

It’s no secret that people love their fro-yo. After all, it’s a healthy and delicious treat that can really appeal to just about anyone. That’s because people can customize it to their taste buds. Fro-yo is great at any time of the day. Typically people have to drive to a place to pick up their fro-yo. There hasn’t really been a place that’s experimented with delivering fro-yo. That was until fro-yo chain Orange Leaf came out with a new and fun way to deliver frozen yogurt.

They’re not delivering by car or bike. They’re taking it to an extreme and do something that no sweet treat place has ever done before. They are experimenting with delivering frozen yogurt by drone. According to GrubStreet, Orange Leaf is testing out delivery at Hope College in Michigan. It’s not clear how they chose that college but it’s clear that those students are a lucky bunch! What a great way to take a break from studying than by having fro-yo dropped literally in your lap.

The drone itself is part cool and part scary looking. It’s impressive that our technology has allowed us to come so far as to have something robotic delivering frozen yogurt to college students. The fro-yo itself is kept cold because the box it comes in is freezer packed. Orange Leaf has taken to Twitter to talk about this upcoming adventure and people are loving it. They’ve even tweeted a video of the drone hovering in the air with the frozen treat. The noise was quite loud but if it can deliver frozen yogurt than perhaps it’s worth it.

Orange Leaf has chosen a college campus as the guinea pigs for their experiment because college kids love technology and they love fro-yo. This is one of those that things they are sure to try out just to say that they did it. It’s unclear if college kids had to pay more for delivery and who they tip if they’re supposed too? One thing is for sure though, it’s fun to see frozen yogurt shops getting in on the drone delivery craze. Now college kids all over will be hoping that their school is chosen next for this delivery crazy.

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