Felipe Montoro Jens: Hero of the People

The GLA recently met for an excellent meeting of the minds. The foundation was set to speak on the topic of government concessions for state infrastructure. The Leadership conference was packed to the brim with speakers, investors, and beneficiaries. Everyone mingled and mixed and met like-minded individuals. Felipe Montoro Jens was quite impressed with how the summit was handled. He went there to find good information on how to handle the contributions made by governments.

According to him, the concessions need to be watched over by auditors and government agencies. The funds need to be properly allocated so as to create the most efficient usage and properly implemented infrastructure plans. Too many times have we heard stories of funds not finding their way into the sphere of the projects they were intended for. Felipe Montoro Jens, a crusader for the common people, wants to stop this. He wants to upgrade the water and waste systems within Brazil so that people will have good water to drink. According to his research, the most common cause for public companies investing in state infrastructure is the lack of quality water. This makes perfect sense considering the fact that people need water if they are going to survive and support both local businesses and large corporations. Everyone benefits when businesses take responsibility for the public.

The Brazilian government is planning on providing concessions for companies who show such initiative. They will provide additional funding for infrastructure projects that will take the burden off of the state, improve quality of life, and the economy. Felipe Montoro Jens supports this mission and has stated that it will provide results. His track record shows a strong sense of responsibility to the public and with his guidance, water improvement projects in Brazil are almost guaranteed to succeed.http://relationshipscience.com/felipe-montoro-jens-p24643181


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