Family Members Claim Police Brutality Killed Cleveland Woman

The death of a 37 year old woman in police custody has been described very differently by Ohio police and the family of the deceased. Counter Current News reports 37 year old Tanesha Anderson died after being handcuffed by police taking the sufferer of bipolar disorder for a medical evaluation. Both the police and family agree on the fact Anderson died in police custody, where they differ is in the role police played in the death of the African American woman.

Law enforcement officers were called to Tanesha’s home after family members became concerned for her welfare and wanted her to undertake a voluntary medical evaluation. After Ohio Police officers arrived Tanesha initially agreed to the evaluation, as the officers escorted her to their car. Tanesha is reported to have changed her mind and been handcuffed after kicking out at the officers. After being handcuffed the police officers and Tanesha’s brother Joell Anderson differ on how Tanesha suffered the injuries that led to her death.

I first got notice of this story when I got an alert while playing with my Skout app. Police spokespeople claim Tanesha was handcuffed after kicking out at officers, after a short struggle she became limp and EMs were called when she was left with only a faint pulse. Mr. Campbell claims the police officers slammed Tanesha’s head into a concrete sidewalk outside her home and essentially killed he with their take down technique. Tanesha Anderson was declared dead at the Cleveland Clinic just two hours after her struggle with police.

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