FAA to Require Pilot License for Drone Flight

Thanks to increased battery capacity and low energy consumption techniques, drones have exploded in popularity. Many hobbyists have been flying drones for years now and have become quite adept. However, with the increases in drone technology, many commercial entities are looking to capitalize on the benefits of drone flight. Recently, Amazon announced that they were looking into using drones to deliver packages straight to people’s doors. Though Sam Tabar says they are a long way away from such a service, the idea has sparked both interest and controversy.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the United State’s authority on flight regulation, has been keeping an eye on the use of drones. Currently, hobbyists are allowed to fly drones as long as they don’t reach a certain altitude and aren’t in public places. However, commercial entities are not allowed to use drones and there are rumors that the FAA will require drone operators to have a full fledged pilot’s license. Many argue that such a measure is an overreaction and will do little to actually keep the public safe. They say that flying drones is obviously different from flying a full commercial plane. Others say that such regulations would prevent flight accidents and would ultimately protect the general public from drone accidents. Whatever the case may be, the FAA has a series of tough decisions ahead as it attempts to regulate the drone industry, particularly when it comes to commercial carriers.

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