Event Horizon 2018 is a Science Fiction Fan’s Dream

If you’re a fan of science fiction and fantasy stories, then you need to check out Event Horizon 2018. A massive collection of exciting short fiction, Event Horizon was compiled by Jake Kerr, a science fiction and young adult author best known for his Guildmaster Thief series of novels.

Kerr published a similar anthology in 2017, a massive two-volume, 400,000 word tomb compiling the contributions of nearly 80 different authors. The Event Horizon 2018 is available in PDF, MOBI or ePUB formats free of charge, and is also available in print form on Amazon.com for around $15. Although it is somewhat smaller than the first anthology, it is still a massive collection, featuring the work of 59 authors and clocking in at just under 300,000 words.

This new science fiction anthology has been compiled in anticipation of the 76th World Science Fiction Convention, set to take place in San Jose in August of 2018. Held in a different city every year since 1939, the event is a hub of authors, artists, illustrators, musicians and the fans who help make their work successful.
During the convention, a winner will be announced for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Each of the authors included in Kerr’s anthology are eligible recipients for this award.

Event Horizon 2018 is an excellent way to acquaint yourself with nearly five dozen up-and-coming writers in the field of science fiction and fantasy. Whether you take advantage of the free eBook or purchase a physical copy, you’re in for an exhaustive collection of new material.

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