Entice All Five Senses with EOS Lip Balm

How did Evolution of Smooth (EOS) revolutionize the lip balm market? The rise of the EOS lip balm brand seems “quite sensible when you hear their business strategy.” They wanted to create a fun, glamorous lip balm, just for women.

Playful Lip Balm: EOS

Isn’t lip balm, the same as lipstick? The surprising fact is that most lip sticks actually dry out your lips. Thus, they need to have moisturizers added therein.

When EOS cofounder and managing partner, Sanjiv Mehra researched the lip balm industry, he noticed that it was rather bland. One reason might have been that since lipstick was already a separate category, the bland lip balm was meant to be primarily functional. Still, the majority of lip balm users were women and women don’t like bland.

Women Like Sensory Stimulation

Mehra wanted EOS to be a “bit of mystery.” Women like intrigue, as is seen in their soap operas. Now as the brand has become mainstream, Mehra believes it is time to “spill the beans” and tell fans “a little bit more about the business we are and the values we stand for.”

The strategy for EOS was to stimulate all 5 senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. When women purchase EOS, they are given a stimulating sensory experience. Other lip balms simply don’t do that.

The spherical container (see, http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245) is more creative than other packaging. It allows curvy women to use curvy lip balms on their curvy lips. EOS is a sensual product. It has risen quickly since its introduction in 1989 and is currently in the Top 3 for lip balms, according to Kline Research.

So, you might have loved EOS anonymously as a secret admirer. No problem. Now you can take your “secret admiration” public. EOS stimulates all five senses! Check out the product gallery on pinterest.com and on Racked.com.


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