Embracing Originality: Who Is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere

Bernard Meltzer once said, “If you want to be original just try being yourself because God has never made two people exactly alike.” Unfortunately, a good portion of the population is afraid to welcome individuality, so they attempt to embody another’s attributes. Doe Deere of the makeup company, Lime Crime, is anything but a follower. Instead, this sweetheart designer is unlike anybody else in the world, a reality that has allowed her to change the lives of millions by forcing them to understand that being original is not only fun but is crucial for a person’s happiness.

Originally born in Russia, the Queen of Unicorns always had a passion for art. She has regularly stated that she experimented with makeup growing up and that she always enjoyed painting her face with multiple colors rather than simply one or two. Additionally, she possessed qualities necessary for business as young as age thirteen with her own curb-side company that sold temporary tattoos. Though makeup and tattoos are a great way to express yourself, Deere had a deeper passion for music than anything else.

When she was of age, Deere moved to New York City to pursue music. She quickly fell in love with one of her bandmates, got married, and expanded her family by getting a few cats. The animal enthusiast with a heart of gold soon realized that music is not very enjoyable when it is forced, so she decided to embark on a fashion journey. Under the name, Lime Crime, Deere began selling dresses on the internet. Throughout this journey, however, the Russian beauty always made her own makeup on the side easily because she refused to have a dull face. When the public began taking notice of her makeup skills, the designer decided it was time to craft the presentation of her life for the necessary parties by using her face as the canvas rather than a poster board. Upon getting approved to operate a cosmetic line, Lime Crime quickly made headlines and their original CEO finally discovered her real purpose in life.

To finalize, being yourself is of the utmost importance in today’s dull world. Not only is being unique important for society but it is important for one’s own fulfillment in life. Doe Deere has always been herself and her company further supports her deep-rooted beliefs that originality is salient. As this unconventional CEO continues to boost her business each day, she ensures that her fans are as happy as she is.

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