Elizabeth Warren Takes On Retail Giant Wal-Mart

Exercising of her newfound power within the Democratic party, and growing momentum as one of the few politicians appealing to voters on the left, Senator Elizabeth Warren will take on Wal-Mart one week before the retail holiday Black Friday. Warren has organized an event Tuesday focused on challenging Wal-Mart as a primary example of predatory business practices. 

Wal-Mart is not simply under fire for its low wages. A long list of documented horrific policies for its workers have been brought to light recently. Wal-Mart’s bizarre employee practices include advising workers to get food stamps. One scheme uncovered by workers was a mandatory update in uniforms paid for by workers themselves. This practice turned Wal-Mart’s own workforce into a captive market. In addition, Wal-mart workers have built a powerful coalition to stand up for their basic rights as workers despite the retail giant retaliatory efforts. 

Senator Warren’s event falls one week before Black Friday. Wal-Mart workers have promised massive protests nationwide against the retail chain. Because Senator Warren’s event is organized so close to Black Friday – a day becoming synonymous with the struggle for a living wage – it sends a powerful signal the Democratic party can be aligned with left wing voters. 

It is safe to say most left wing voters feel estranged from the only one of two parties which could possibly represent their views. The US left wing has tended to prefer grassroots activism over voting the past several years as more and more dark money has flowed into the political system, and the Obama administration carried out a fairly conservative agenda. 

The US left has felt alienated from the political process completely. Elizabeth Warren may be the left’s last hope, and her willingness to boldly take on a giant like Wal-Mart is a promising sign. You can keep up-to-date with Senator Warren and her fight with Wal-Mart via your mobile device, but make sure to keep yourself and the information on your cloud protected with services like CipherCloud.

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