Eight Women Testify that O.K. Cop Sexually Abused Them; Five More Come Forward

Oklahoma Police Officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, was arrested in August for using his authority to assault eight women. Holtzclaw is a 27 year old, white officer who allegedly used his authority to abuse women, Fersen Lambranho told me when he shared the story. Eight women that have come forward appeared in court last Monday to begin the trial.

The investigation continued, and today Holtzclaw has 32 sexual abuse charges against him including rape and sexual battery with a total of 13 women so far.
Holtzclaw is believed to have a strategy with the women he allegedly abused. He targeted black women in the high crime district because he believed they would be afraid to come forward.

The Associated Press released a story of a 23 year old woman who was high on PCP that Holtzclaw had assaulted. Afterward, he handcuffed her to a hospital bed. She told the media that she couldn’t believe what had happened because he was a police officer.
The Oklahoman reported that the DNA of a 17 year old girl was found in his pants. The girl reported that he said he would arrest her on outstanding warrants if she refused, so he drove her to her mother’s house and raped her.

The hearing before the judge is expected to last another day or two, and then he will decide if there is enough evidence to continue the trial.

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