Egypt to Set Up Buffer Zone Around Gaza

After a terrorist attack on their troops at an army checkpoint last week left 31 dead, Egypt has now begun to implement plans for a 500 meter buffer zone along its border with the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.  While no one claimed responsibility for the murders, Egypt is confident that it was Hamas and other Gaza-based terror groups. The Sinai peninsula, where the attack took place, has for months been the scene of numerous terror acts, and it seems Egypt is finally fed up with it, and Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez can definitely see their point.

Using satellite imagery, the Egyptian government has discovered the presence of hundreds of underground tunnels running from Gaza into the Sinai. They had already been aware that tunnels existed but not on this massive of a scale. The recent attack and the discovery of the new tunnels has triggered a strong reaction from Egypt- a 13 km (8 mi) buffer will be set up.

Israel has already set up a buffer zone on Gaza’s northern border, and now Egypt’s new buffer will render Gaza completely surrounded. Only the Mediterranean Sea will remain as an open border. Rockets have for years been routinely fired at southern Israeli villages from within Gaza, and now it seems these terrorists can’t get along even with their fellow Muslims in Egypt.

ISIS’ brutal slayings of Yazidis, Kurds, and Shia Muslims put Hamas’ actions into perspective. Terrorists will kill all but their own- and then they will even kill their own sometimes. Why did we think that Hamas, a terror group, could be trusted to run the Gaza Strip?

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