Ed Sheeran Divides and Conquers: Third Album, Divide, Ready to Drop on March 3

This year is starting out with some big news from the music world. English singer, songwriter, and guitarist Ed Sheeran just announced that his new album, Divide, is coming out on March 3. The pop musician has already revealed some information about his latest release.


Song Listing Released


Sheeran has provided a listing of the songs that will be included on Divide. He announced that in a clever way by posting to Instagram a photo of a chalkboard with cut-out papers and handwritten song titles, which include “Castle on a Hill,” “Shape of You,” Happier,” “Eraser,” “Perfect,” “New Man,” and “What Do I Know?”


Also Released: Preview Songs


As if that weren’t enough of a teaser, Sheeran has also dropped two full songs from the forthcoming album. “Castle on a Hill” provides powerful lyrics talking about the singer’s childhood along with a sentimental feel and upbeat tempo. “Shape of You” sounds a bit more dance-y with some personal and heartfelt lyrics.


The two songs are already wildly popular, quickly going to number one and two on the UK singles chart. It’s the first time that an artist has ever taken the top two spots with two new singles. It’s no surprise that the talented songwriter who has also written for mega artists like One Direction and Taylor Swift is offering such poignant lyrics on his latest release.


Divide is Ed Sheeran’s third album, following + and x (other mathematical themes). Just from listening to the two tracks that Sheeran has already released, it’s clear that Divide is ready to conquer 2017 and be just as big as his previous albums. So write yourself a reminder for March 3rd, and get ready for some bold new tunes coming your way from Sheeran’s world.


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