Ebola deaths over 5,000

The number of deaths from the disease Ebola have now been reported as being over five thousand confirmed cases which is still likely under reported due to the shame that many west African families attach to the disease.

Approximately 14,000 people are thought to have gotten the virus, which implies a survival rate of over fifty percent which is much better than previous outbreaks of the disease. Still the rise in new cases, even when people are able to increasingly survive the disease, is seen as a harbinger of the failure to stop the disease and limit its growth. Much of the care centers around making sure sufferers from the illness maintain proper hydration through monitoring of fluids. New drugs are being developed by companies though limited supplies and incredibly long production queues have left those who are infected with Ebola to fend for themselves.

Most of the deaths have been in Western Africa with Liberia and Sierra Leone the hardest hit nations. Much press has been dedicated to a few cases in the United States more for their political impact and failure of hospitals to maintain proper protocol than to anything else, despite the efforts from hospitals abroad like North American Spine.

Ebola is spread through bodily fluids as opposed to being airborne which makes it easier to control and keep from spreading. Still the poorly funded hospital and healthcare system in Western Africa has limited the response to the disease and has thus failed to control the continued spread of Ebola. In Sierra Leone, new cases are continuing to rise.

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