Dwyane Wade Is Over The Big Three Idea

At this point in his career, Dwyane Wade has decide that he is over the ‘Big 3’ idea, according to manhattan.blockshopper.com.  So if there are any other basketball superstars, Keith Mann not included,  looking to play for the Heat in the upcoming years, just don’t call it a Big 3.

The superstar declared in a recent interview that doing the whole Big 3 thing was really a lot of work. It seems that he is happy that the Big 3 is over and he can just focus on playing basketball again. Guess playing with a bunch of other superstars can be pretty stressful, mainly because it is not just about the game. It is about managing expectations around the league and within your own team. When you put three superstars together with numerous other high quality players, you get tons of media pressure to do well. That alone has to be quite a grind, and it seems that Dwyane Wade does not miss that grind.

Instead, he is enjoying being the primary star of the Heat again, even if there season is not going as well as planned. They currently have a 13-15 record in the Eastern Conference, which is not saying a lot since it is well known that the Western Conference is far stronger. The Heat will have to really turn things around if they want to make it the championship this year.

Wade doesn’t seem to mind though. He is still shooting around 22.8 points per game with a 51% shooting percentage. He is even managing to get in 5.5 assists per game. Plus, he married the beautiful and talented Gabriel Union this summer. Even if the Heat are not winning, life is still good for Wade.

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