Dr. Mark Mofid Has Perfected The Art Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid is a medical practitioner who strives to provide the highest level of care to his patients, which can be seen by his ever-increasing reputation around the United States. Mark Mofid works out of the San Diego area in California and has been board-certified for many years. Some of the hospitals he works at as a staff surgeon include Scripps Memorial Hospital, Palomar Medical Center, and Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. The majority of Dr. Mark Mofid’s training came from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Mark studied plastic surgery, general surgery, and even craniofacial research during his attendance there as well.

Currently, Mark’s area of focus is Gluteal Augmentation, where he is spending most of his research. In the United States today, there is an ever-increasing interest in this augmentation, especially through the influence of South America, where such procedures are already popular. The number one reason people opt for this surgery is to gain the so-called “hourglass” shape. Dr. Mark Mofid has done a high number of these procedures and is pretty much an expert at it today. Of course, this procedure is mainly centered around women, and most women want a very precise ratio that Mark Mofid has managed to perfect in his procedures.

Mark knows how popular the buttock augmentations are within South America, which is why the trend is growing more frequently as of late in the United States, though it is slow compared to other countries. Despite the critics in the field, Mark is not typically at odds with anyone as he takes great care in his work and abides by the highest ethics. This is the major reason Mark refuses to give patients unnatural sized implants that do not fit with the body as it just creates a higher chance for complications in the future. Dr. Mark Mofid also encourages other plastic surgeons to follow the same ethics, to increase popular opinion of the field and help patients find happiness in their surgery and search for increased confidence.


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