Dr. Mark McKenna

When he was at Tulane Medical School earning his medical degree, Dr. Mark McKenna truly thought he was following his calling of being a doctor; however, as his studies started to come to an end, it dawned on him that he wanted to do many things in life that would require money. He concluded that in order to make the kind of money that his lifestyle would need, he would have to do something other than just practice medicine. So, in 1999 after he earned his medical degrees, Dr. Mark McKenna started to do what he had to do in order to make money and that was venture into the world of entrepreneurship. His first venture was a successful real estate business. After he lost money in this venture due to Hurricane Katrina, he then opened a successful chain of aesthetic offices called ShapeMed. He eventually sold this chain to Lifetime Fitness. His current business venture is located in Atlanta, Georgia and is known as OVME.

OVME is a concept that Dr. Mark McKenna wants to carry out in order to offer medical aesthetic services to those individuals who wish to improve on their self-confidence. The office will include four treatment rooms and secluded offices for patients to receive private consultations in. The treatment rooms are not standard medical treatment rooms, but rather state of the art rooms that are luxurious and private. It is Dr. Mark McKenna’s aim that residents of Atlanta will be able to receive results from treatments and services that offer precise results so that the patient gets the results that they desire.

Dr. Mark McKenna has gained recognition as both a doctor and an entrepreneur by combining his skills together and creating his visions in real life. He is constantly looking for ways in which he can improve aesthetic practices and also works tirelessly to offer his patients state of the art options. OVME is his newest way of doing this.


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