Dr. Mark McKenna Pioneers New Botox Phone App

Dr. Mark McKenna is pioneering a new venture that will do for Botox, what Uber does for transportation. His new venture is called OVME, and it is essentially an app for cosmetic surgery. Through OVME, users will connect with freelance cosmetic practitioners that will perform low risk operations on demand, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of Tulane Medical School. The son of a doctor McKenna observed his own father’s struggles as changes in reimbursement and billing began to affect his practice. Coming to the conclusion that working as a doctor might not be frugal enough, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to go into real estate. He achieved much success selling real estate in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina shut him down. Now he is immersing himself in the world of cosmetic treatments. Since his graduation from Tulane in 1999 Dr. Mark McKenna has founded, built, and sold numerous businesses. Now the doctor turned businessman prepares for his biggest venture yet.

Cashing in on the phenomena of the retail medical industry, McKenna plans on taking the $4 million he’s raised on Equity 38 and turn it into a business worth $25 million in five years. OVME’s first two clinics will be built in Atlanta and Nashville. McKenna plans on creating a nationwide network of providers. The providers will be able to log into the app, much like an Uber driver, and set their availability. The app will then link the provider to clients in and around their area. As no other major group is operating this way OVME will be extremely unique. Primarily it will focus on Botox as it is currently brand-popular. As it continues and more clinics are established the list of procedures will expand.

The OVME app will not only benefit those searching for quick cosmetic operations, but it will also create extra revenue for practitioners. In a world where everything is available at your fingertips, the idea of app-requesting medical service is an extreme innovation. One that may very well spell the future of the industry.

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