Dr. Mark Holterman: Entrepreneur, Surgeon, and CEO

Dr. Mark Holterman is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Mariam Global Health and The Mariam Life. He graduated from Yale University with a BA in Biology. After this, he attended the University of Virginia to earn his MD-PhD in Immunology and Medicine. Dr. Mark Holterman then completed the fellowship program for surgery in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital in Seattle, and became the Director of Surgery at the University of Washington.

At Mariam Global Health, they give help to research organizations. The company mainly works with stem cells and autoimmunity with a focus on biotechnology. Dr. Mark Holterman’s main reason for opening this organization was to improve technology in the medical community on a more worldwide scale.

Mariam Global Health gives investors an opportunity to capitalize on global healthcare advancements. They work with different types of individuals who can contribute the most intellect and abilities to the company. This is the key factor in the businesses success (https://www.osfhealthcare.org/physicians/profile/2358/mark-j-holterman-md-phd/).

Dr. Mark Holterman gives advice in taking control of financial spending. Spend the money wisely, tighten the budget if needed. A new direction will sometimes help the business move forward. There were several instances when Mariam Global Health did not get promised funding. It’s important not to let this ruin the business and to think cleverly and efficiently.

In his early profession, he has learned a lot. One lesson is to act as if your ideas are friends. Sometimes friends don’t stick around, and it is best to let them go. The ideas you originally had are not completely gone. Just as a friend, they can be revisited in the future.

Dr. Mark Holterman is an avid entrepreneur, businessman, surgeon, professor, CEO, and Founder. He makes time for his family when needed by delegating to employees. He enjoys researching and reading in his spare time. Dr. Holterman believes that taking advice from people sometimes works in his favor. Especially if it is business related. It’s a good idea to keep an open ear and mind when speaking to other entrepreneurs or businessmen.


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