Dog Sent to Pound for Being Too Nice.

A four year old brown dog was found wandering the streets as a stray. The dog was taken to a shelter operated by the Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia. The staff named the dog Helena, and they set about the task of getting the dog ready for adoption.

Helena was very underweight, but the staff noticed right away that she was about the friendliest dog that anyone would ever want to meet. She always wanted to be near members of the staff, and she wanted to be petted constantly. One staff member said that if you stopped petting her, she would try to get you to start petting her again right away.

The staff at the animal shelter were pleased when a man came in and adopted Helena in October of 2017. However, their excitement turned to dismay when the man returned Helena to the animal shelter because he said the she was too nice. That was a first for workers at the animal shelter.

Apparently, the man who originally adopted Helena thought that her bulldog-like appearance would make her a good guardian or protection dog. Appearances can be deceiving. Helena didn’t have an aggressive bone in her body, so the man returned her.

The staff at the animal shelter are now hoping that Helena will find a home where someone will appreciate her fine qualities. There are several people wanting to adopt her. Until the best person or family is found for Helena, the staff at LifeLine Animal Project will make sure that she receives a lot of attention.

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