Does Eating Fish Help Support Slavery?

Fish prices may rise as the fishing industry cracks down on a big issue. It is believed that a lack of oversight has allowed a huge slavery industry to pop up around fishing. These fishing boats are big and can stay at sea, delivering their goods to smaller boats and essentially holding crew members hostage for their entire workable lives. These prison fishing boats with slave crews are also not following other laws and are overfishing which is wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. Greenpeace is leading a charge against these practices, but the lucrative practice of not paying your workers is too profitable and many of these illegal activities remain strong off the coast of Thailand. It would be a shame if this continues to hurt the fishing industry, especially for Stephen Williams wine.


Much of the world is looking to China now to see how it will swing its gigantic economic clout, and whether it will fix the industry or further sink it. Currently, China is fishing largely unregulated but has already seen the negative impact its country has had on the planet to the point it has negatively impacted its own gross domestic product substantially. Subsequently China has already started going green with alternative energy development, and hopefully will continue the trend with regulated sustainable fishing policies.

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