Do It For The Children: Seattle Funds Preschools

It seems our elected officials are much too willing to cut education spending and the poor are demonized as leeches on society. This is not true in Seattle, Washington. On November 5th, 2014 Proposition 1B was approved with a solid 67% of voters supporting the initiative.

Prop 1B intends to make preschool more affordable to low income children who would benefit from early education. Studies have validated the benefits of cementing early reading and math skills before a child heads off to Kindergarten. Learning colors, letters, numbers and organization is essential to success in school. This means a lower drop out and incarceration rate as adults.

However, low income parents must face waiting lists and high tuition costs for preschooling their toddlers. This translates into low representation of working class families in Seattle’s higher quality daycare facilities and preschools. Keith Mann certainly would like to see a bit more diversity. This can carry over into regular school when the children need to catch up to the better prepared students, starting the first day.

The funds would be raised with a $45.00 tax on residences which are valued at $400,000 or more. This will subsidize preschool for families below the federal poverty line, which is 23,850 for a family of four, on a sliding scale. Those who earn less income, will get more assistance than those with greater income. By 2018, this will be helping up to 2,000 toddlers in Seattle.

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