Diet Coke is Getting a New and Fun Makeover

If there is one thing to be said about millennials, it’s that they love to try things that are new. Anytime there is a new restaurant, product, app, or movie released, millennials are some of the first people to line up to try it. It’s because we’re an adventurous bunch that enjoys trying things first so that we can gloat and offers advice to others. This is great news for advertising companies. All they have to do is tweak their products slightly and they’ll continue to see a growth in sales. One of the companies is doing this.

Diet Coke is getting a makeover! Maybe it’s part of a “new year, new me” campaign or perhaps it’s just to get over an advertising slump. It’s actually a little bit of both. According to Buzzfeed, Diet Coke sales have been falling as many are turning towards healthier beverages like sparkling water. There are four new flavors which include ginger lime, twisted mango, zesty blood orange, and feisty cherry. Not only are there new flavors but there are also new cans. Diet Coke got a facelift! Their cans are sleekish and more stylish. The new products will hit store shelves at the end of February in the United States.

It’s kind of silly that millennials will try something new just because it looks different. It works, however! As a millennial myself, I’m actually quite interested in the new flavors. This rebrand, however, has another agenda. Most sparkling water cans and healthier beverages come in the sleeker cans. Diet Coke might be trying to convince their customer base that their product is healthy. These new cans are two years in the making and therefore by all intents and purposes, they should help to boost sales. Diet Coke did their research, listened to input from customers, and spent countless hours dreaming up the new cans.

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