Diet Coke is Getting a Makeover Millenials Will Love

The iconic drink Diet Coke is getting even better in 2018. The company recently revealed they will be introducing four new flavors, along with an updated look to their cans.

With younger people seeking out healthier alternatives to sugary beverages, Coca Cola has been on a mission to create something that will appeal to them. They hope their new flavors will entice people of all ages and cultures to pick up a can and give it a try.

According to People, the new flavors will be Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange, and Twisted Mango. Along with the new flavors, the packaging is also getting a makeover. The new cans will be taller and slimmer, although they will still hold the traditional 12-oz. portion.

The colors of the cans are designed to really pop off the store shelves. The base color of the can will still be the well-known silver metallic shade, while the change will include a bright band of color down the center of the package. Ginger Lime has a green stripe, Feisty Cherry has a purple stripe, Zesty Blood Orange has an orange stripe, and Twisted Mango has a yellow stripe. The regular diet coke will have the traditional red stripe down the center.

The plain Diet Coke recipe will not change, due in part to the backlash the company experienced over recently changing the Coke Zero recipe. Although the company’s goal is to appeal to a wider audience, they don’t want to disappoint the loyal customers they already have.

The new items will hit store shelves in mid-January. Coca Cola plans to launch new commercials aimed at promoting the products later this month. The ads will also appear during the Winter Olympics. Free samples will also be offered to generate excitement about the new products.

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