Did Santa Rescue a Reindeer? That’s What the Internet Wants to Know

Those near Salem saw quite the holiday scene on Tuesday. A man dressed in a bright red suit, similar to the one Santa Claus wears, could be seen saving a deer from a frozen pond. Sadly, it wasn’t a scene out of the North Pole. This fun little version, however, took place in Oregon after a deer got stuck on frozen golf course pond.

The man in the red suit was not Santa Claus, although his good deed would make the jolly old fellow quite proud. Rather, the man was a firefighter by the name of Jeff Johnston. According to Reddit, the man noticed the deer struggling on the frozen pond. He took the ice-rescue sled out to the deer and coaxed it onto it. It took some kind words and petting to get the deer to trust the firefighter. Alas, it did. The deer tried to get onto the sled before it was able to gain solid footing and push off onto the snowy ground. The deer scampered off into the woods, hopefully, to reunite with its friends or perhaps the real Santa Claus.

This video has gone viral. It’s being shared all across social media and on newscasts throughout the country. The reason this story is so fun is only because of the time of the year. It’s hard to ignore the similarities between this good Samaritan and a real-life Santa Claus saving a reindeer. Another correlation with Christmas, they even used a sled to do the rescue. The sled was actually paid for through Firehouse Subs which raises money for rescue personnel.

The story has been very well-received across all platforms. It seems that many are finding the red-suited man to be a real kindred spirit. That’s because the whole time that the man was trying to rescue the deer, he was talking to it as if it were an old friend. It’s something that people really connect with.

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