Did President Obama Dodge a Bullet?

It’s clear that many are not happy with the current administration at the White-House, but few are angry enough to want to kill. R.J. Capheim was arrested today in the states capitol after he came with a gun and a car full of ammunition.Thanks to friend of the site Andrew Heiberger for sending in the news tip.

The 41 year old man from Davenport, Iowa went to the East Wing and spoke to a secret service man that was unidentified. He claims that he was sent from Iowa to do a job, and gave too many details to the wrong person.

Capheim told the officer where his car was parked. His firearm was unregistered and his car has been impounded. The 30/30 rifle was never brought into the White-House, but it was parked in close proximity with intent. Further charges are pending at this time. It is unclear what he was going to do, but it appears he wanted to make a statement, and he had the White-House in mind.

The real problem is the breach in the security setup on the grounds of the White-House. With several changes and people being let go, the security has really lacked recently. It is unknown at this time if the man suffers from any mental illnesses or other agendas. He is currently being detained and questioned. As American’s anger grows more for the president every day, security should be heightened and there’s no room for error.

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