Deere-Creating Magic With Makeup

Doe Deere has an eye for fashion and knows how to really kick up a makeup palette. She has even added Unicorn inspired hair dyes to her collections sold on Lime Crime. Lime Crime is not your average makeup and will give you colors that you never even dreamed of. Colors that are electric, eccentric, and just absolutely wild. There is a color for every mood, personality, and moment.


Doe Deere began to sell her unique creations online through eBay and began to see a real demand for her products. Her collection of makeup items include liners, nail polish, lip balms, eye shadows, makeup tools, highlighters, and hair dyes. They are unlike the usual makeup items you may pick up at the drug store and stand out thanks to their crazy fun colors.


Although Deere did not always picture herself as a self-made entrepreneur, she knew that it was important to follow your dreams. When you do that, great things happen, and that is exactly how it worked out for Deere. She refused to let go of her bigger than life dreams, and she found great success along the way. Deere enjoys working in makeup, and her fans love her makeup, so the combination is a winning combo.


Deere stays true to herself and always has an open ear to her fans. She keeps the communication channel between herself and her followers and this way she can know exactly what it is that they want so she can create her creations to fulfill everyone’s desires. Facetune has also proved to be a very useful tool to her business, and she uses it to really polish up her Instagram photos.


Deere adopted the unicorn as her company’s icon since she loves mythical and magical creatures and the unicorn represents all that is magical, free, and inspiring. The unicorn also represents compassion and passion.


Deere’s blog features makeup tutorials and even has contests where her values fans can score great giveaways such as makeup and accessories. She now has over 3 million followers on her Instagram account, and that number is growing. Social media has really helped her brand to expand and to really take off. Lime Crime products are vegan, and they are also certified by PETA and the Leaping Bunny to be cruelty-free.


Deere loves to spread the love and is a really big supporter of charities such as the Red Cross, Sanctuary for Families, Bideawee animal shelter, Girls Inc., and many more. Moving forward, Deere has many plans for her makeup line and wants to add colors that will appeal to Generation Z.


Deere is always inspired by mythical creatures, fantasies, and subcultures. She also loves to read especially works by her favorite author, Karl Lagerfeld. She thought of the name Lime Crime because it is easy and fun to remember and it rhymes. Deere likes to rhyme words and the name Lime Crime came to her when she was playing around with how words sounded together and rhymed. Learn more:


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