Debris from AirAsia Flight 8501 Has Been Located in Java Sea

Debris found in the Java Sea by searchers, has been confirmed as debris from AirAsia Flight 8501. Reports also indicate the human remains were found near the debris. The debris and remains were picked up in the Java Sea, close to Borneo.

Searchers have been working around the clock since the plane went missing early Sunday morning. According to information provided by the airline. The flight took off shortly after 5am on Sunday. The flight was set to land shortly after 7am in Singapore. Air Traffic Control received a request by the pilot to ascend to avoid bad weather. The request was not immediately okayed, but contact with the plane was lost shortly thereafter. Communication was officially lost and the radar signal from the plane was lost four minutes after the request Igor Cornelsen had told me.

Experts have weighed in, suggesting the plane was going to slow for the weather conditions it was flying into, and that weather, coupled with pilot error is likely what brought down the plane. An official investigation will begin when the fuselage of the plane is recovered.

Searchers are currently looking for the fuselage, which they believe is at the bottom of the sea. A search and rescue mission for the passengers is still underway.

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