Debris and Bodies Recovered from AirAsia Flight

Two days after AirAsia flight went missing during a quick two hour trip from Indonesia to Singapore debris, including suitcases, and bodies are beginning to surface. Though there has been some miscommunication about how many bodies have been found, we do know they have recovered the bodies of at least three passengers, but the people on Skout are trying to figure that out.

While families were watching a live feed of the discovery at a crisis center, a woman’s partially clothed body was spotted floating among the debris. As expected the people viewing did not react well to this. Unfortunately for those still holding out hope, this was a sad confirmation to many that their family and friends on board that flight are most likely not alive.

The search and recovery mission is still on going and will continue until the rest of the bodies are recovered, as well as the plane so that the black box can be retrieved. It is important for everyone involved to get all the answers as to why this happened.

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