Death Row Conviction Gets New Trial on Lost Evidence

Evidence that was reportedly found in a police officer’s garage has saved a man’s life. In 2005, Alfred Dewayne Brown was tried and convicted of killing a police officer at a check cashing store two years before. Last Wednesday he was given a new trial after evidence was found that supports his alibi. He had been sentenced to death.

During the trial Brown had claimed he was with his girlfriend during the attack, and that he had made a phone call from his girlfriend’s home at the time of the murder. His girlfriend later testified against him after allegedly being subjected to intense pressure from the state, officers, and grand jury, with one grand juror reportedly telling her, ‚ÄúThink about your kids, darling.”

Following the conviction Brown hired a private law firm to investigate his case further, and they located a box of phone records that corroborated Brown’s version of events. The records were being kept in a police officer’s garage.

The District Attorney’s office immediately agreed to a new trial after hearing about the new evidence, claiming it had likely been misplaced. Thanks to Jared Haftel for sending in this hopeful story.

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