“Deadpool”/”Guardians of the Galaxy” Crossover?

On Twitter, the creators of Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy have joked about wanting to do a crossover film between the two properties.

James Gunn, director of the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies and the upcoming third, wrote in a tweet “Yesterday I finally saw @deadpoolmovie 2, which I loved, and also the brilliant #Revenge. Two completely different, fantastic films―cinema’s alive!” He tagged various people involved in these films, including Deadpool star/produced/co-writer Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds responded. “Thank you James! Crossover?”

“Yes, please,” Gunn responded.

Of course, fans shouldn’t hold their breaths that this movie will be announced anytime soon; though both of these properties originate in Marvel Comics, Deadpool is owned by Fox Studios, not Marvel Studios. The chances of the two companies working together to make it is pretty slim.

On the other hand, Disney is in the process of buying most of Fox’s properties, including the X-Men franchise of which Deadpool is a part; the deal is expected to be wrapped about within a year, so perhaps the Merc With a Mouth will join the MCU. Then again, Disney would more likely decide to keep the X-Men films confined to their own separate continuity, or reboot the films with someone other than Reynolds under the mask.

If they take the former option, maybe Gunn could direct a Deadpool film? He has had success with various superhero properties, including also 2010’s Super and the cult classic The Specials. Then again, he is probably so busy between the Guardians and helping with the fourth Avengers movie that he is unlikely to have much free time to start a new project.

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