‘Deadpool 2’ to Be Funnier Than the First?

We are currently living in one of the most celebrated times for cinema. We are seeing new franchises sprout from the ground while others find their mark. In particular, the comic book industry seems to have been fully embraced by the mainstream and that has led us to get films like ‘Deadpool’. Deadpool is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time but he was considered to be unlikely to make a film adaptation due to his, well, edgy quirkiness. Ryan Reynolds helped to make it happen, the first film was a success, and now a sequel is in the works. Also, just so you know, ‘Deadpool 2’ is likely going to be funnier and darker than the first — according to co-star T.J. Miller.

T.J. Miller, a hilarious comedic actor, played Weasel in the first film — the bartender that helped Deadpool whenever it was convenient. Miller is known for his comical chops on the hit HBO series ‘Silicon Valley’ so you can trust him when it comes to the concept of ‘funny’. According to T.J. Miller the second film is going to outdo ‘Deadpool’ in just about every way possible, including scoring some bigger laughs. Miller said that the script made him laugh so hard that he actually dropped his iPad while rehearsing. Miller says, “Most importantly, we know the tone, we know how to hit it pitch perfect.”

The big allure to the ‘Deadpool’ film franchise is, of course, the acerbic wit and charm of the lead actor and Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds had spent the majority of his career trying to angle a ‘Deadpool’ movie into reality and he finally succeeded. With Reynolds dedicating so much of his reputation to the film we cannot see it being anything other than a huge success.

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