David Lettermen Flies All the Way To India For Beard Trim And Head Massage

We thought by beard trim, that meant a closely shaven style, but to the former “Late Show” host David Letterman, it was a merely a blunt snip.


The hilarious star still has a sizable full beard resembling the great writer Ernest Hemingway and holistic doctor Andrew Weil.


Lettermen was in India to film “Years of Living Dangerously” for the National Geographic Channel. The funny man made a detour and walked straight into a Delhi barber shop called the Plaza Saloon. He was seeking a little trim and chatted up the customers there, entertaining them with his quick wit. The young barber basically ignored any silly questions or comedic acts Letterman pulled and diligently kept snipping away.


Letterman was pleased with the trim and even agreed to the complimentary head massage. The star told the barber shop crowd that he had never had a head massage, unless he wants to count the time a stranger on the bus had performed it on him. He quipped, asking the barber if he were licensed to give a head massage.


Letterman has been enjoying retirement away from his former hosting duties of the iconic “Late Show.” He said good-bye in a farewell from CBS show in May of 2015. For about seven months now, Letterman has let it all hang loose, growing a long snowy, salt and pepper beard. To some fans, the celebrity was barely recognizable in his Santa-esque whiskers.


Letterman was laying low, until photographers snapped him in all his bearded wonder, jogging in the Caribbean island of St Barts. The 68-year-old also sported a clean-shaven head last May.


These days, the hair is back growing on top of his head, and beard appears that much more groomed and conservative, thanks to the talented India barber. It looks like the Indiana native loves facial hair and intends on keeping it that way for a while.


People on Twitter appear to also like the change for the former “Late Show” host and chimed in:


“It’s nice to see David Letterman just being himself and owning his age. He looks happy. #HowitShouldbe”

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