CTCA- Treat Cancer With Medication and Chemotherapy

Jobs in the medical field are becoming more and more popular and careers in the cancer specialty are no different. Not only are there many people suffering from cancer, but there are many people who have been affected from the disease. This field has many different career options and some of those are looked at below.

 Registered Nurse

These people have went to college and passed a national test. Not only can they assess the patient, but they can also help treat them. In addition, they have extensive training on how to interact with families of patients.

Clinical Data Analysis

People in this field creates and manages databases that have the medical information in them. Some of the information could relate to testing or clinical trials. They have to make sure that all the information is correct and accurate.

 Infusion RN

These registered nurses are the ones that place IVs and gives infusions. An infusion is when a liquid is administered right through the vein. These liquids could be anything from something to help with dehydration to cancer drugs.


These people have at least a Bachelor’s degree and are experts in nutrition, food, and diet. They help cancer patients figure out what is good to eat and what isn’t. They can also help people lose or gain weight.


These people are the ones that calculate exactly how much radiation needs to be given. They also calculate things like how fast it’s administered and whether it needs to be given over the course of a few days.

 Medical Oncologist

These are the doctors who diagnose and treat cancer with medication and chemotherapy.

 Pain Specialist

Cancer can cause quite a bit of pain and these people will figure out a plan that will help you get your pain under control.


These people classify different disease by running lab tests and looking at tissues and cells under a microscope. These are the ones that tell the patients what cancer they have and what stage it is.

Surgical Oncologist

While some of these oncologists use chemo and other medication, they specialize in treating cancer through surgery, whether that be removing a tumor or tissues around it.


These people are the ones who read x-rays and other tests like MRIs. They are usually the first ones to see something on the results.These are just a handful of the cancer-related jobs that you can get into. If helping people who have the disease is something you’re passionate about, then this career field would be a great fit. Look at the different options and do extensive research to see which career is best for you.

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