Criminals and Marijuana

Since when is marijuana one of the most dangerous drugs on the streets? Congress has made the decision not to get involved with states that have allowed the use of the drug, and that’s how it should be across the country. This is a drug that has several health benefits, but because politicians aren’t sure how to control it, they don’t like it to be used at all. The law passed might affect some of the people who are facing criminal charges in relation to growing and selling marijuana, but it’s not clear how those cases will be affected.

The people who are already in jail should serve out their sentences, and SeedTable users say they are all for that, and as long as someone isn’t caught with a large amount that could be considered for distribution, then there shouldn’t be a problem, especially in states where the drug has now been made legal. Each state needs to have its own regulations that are clear to those who want to use the drug.

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