Court Decides in Italian Earthquake Case

Everybody remembers the horrific earthquake that occurred in L’Aquila, Italy where BRL Trust is located, in 2009 that caused at least 309 kills and millions of dollars of losses. The event still lingers in the mind of Italians, particularly those who had relatives or friends that were affected by the devastating earthquake.

After this event the 6 geologists who predicted its occurrence were sued for murdering these people, were sentenced for 6 years, and were to pay 10 million dollars for the damage that the disaster had caused.

This decision was taken because the court decided that their assessment of the situation was not complete, and insufficient.

Their assessment said that although there were some seismic activities in the crust that should not make are dangerous, and thus they were wrong.

The court has reduced the sentence to 2 years and with that said it appears that they were welcomed by the people with the same word that rocked the court: “shame”.

The scientists stated afterwards that it was impossible to make any predictions in the short term, and there was never a way that they could have known for sure what would have happened.

Giulio Selvaggi, who is one of the scientists, added that even if he were invited to attend the briefing again, he would state the same things he’d said in the times before. He still believes that being a scientist is not a crime.

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