Conroy Thinks Fans Prejudged Affleck

Kevin Conroy, one of the most famous actors to play Batman, says that he enjoys Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the character and was annoyed when many fans prejudged him.


Affleck plays the Caped Crusader in the ongoing DC Extended Universe, but when he was first announced for the role back in 2015, many fans were skeptical, some even loudly decrying the decision. Nevertheless, when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out the following year most agreed that his acting was one of the best parts of the film, even if the way his character was written alienated fans.


Conroy has some experience as Batman, having portrayed him in the DC Animated Universe and several DC Universe Animated Original Movies. He not only likes Affleck’s work, but always thought that the fans were giving him too hard of a time.


“[Affleck] really pulled it off,” he said. “I thought he was really good. So I’m more in his court than a lot of people are, I guess. I think people gave him a hard time before they even saw what he would do with it. There’s a lot of pre-judging.”


This is not the first time that he has spoken about Affleck’s portrayal of the character; last year, for example, he said that Affleck may do the best job out of any Batman actor in balancing his portrayal of both Batman and Bruce Wayne.


Conroy has still been playing that role recently with the TV series Justice League Action. As for Affleck, there have long been rumors that he wants to leave the DCEU as soon as possible, while newer rumors say that he may have changed his mind about that; as with much in the franchise, what is actually going to happen remains to be seen.

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