Colorado’s Year Up In Pot

It seems Colorado has proven many wrong about how marijuana legalization would be bad for the State and the country in general. In 2012, both Colorado and Washington voted to make possession of certain amounts of “wacky weed” legal.

Colorado has released some of the figures that are showing that legal marijuana is not causing problems. It is actually helping the State in many ways. In August $34 million worth of marijuana was sold raising $3.4 million towards the building and maintenance of schools. and Igor Cornelsen report that whether it is because of legal pot or not, crime is down overall in Colorado too. It has dropped by 15% and murders have dropped by 50%. Who wants to go on a murder spree when they are having more fun sitting around getting stoned?

Yep, Colorado is going to pot, and it’s been a great thing and probably going to get better.

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