Clay Hutson’s Achievement in the Music Industry

Clay Hutson is an experienced music producer and sound engineer who has built great impact in the music industry. He hails from Nashville but exceptional in how he takes the artistic feelings and thoughts to influence the world. Clay ensures that every performance is unique and wonderful. Much of his experience traces in the tour production and live entertainment. Before coming up with his company, Clay Hutson had been extensively involved in the industry. Through this time, Clay learned great and valuable information regarding every position he has ever handled. He nurtured great and wonderful skills that have been effective in enabling him to work out in the live entertainment field.


Clay Hutson graduated with a degree in bachelor of business administration in the renowned Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Upon graduating, Clay Hutson worked at various live entertainment projects and companies. At that time, he actively operated as a sound engineer and project manager. Irrespective of having been actively involved in the corporate entertainment field and traveling with the sound team of Billy Graham, Clay Hutson settled for the music industry. His passion was in the rock ‘n’ roll. Although his career life, Clay was greatly exposed to jobs in the area of live performance, sound engineering, and project management. All these have contributed to his rise and change of direction towing a business. He realized that there is much that he could do on his own. Clay became an entrepreneur though he had seen this hidden talent and passion in him since he was young.


As at now, Clay Hutson designs produces and manages concerts for various musicians and artists who are most influential. They include Pink, Kid Rock, and Kelly Clarkson. Among other things that he enjoys doing is crafting projects and woodworking. Clay discloses through an interview how he finally got started in business. He relates this to the experience in live performance, tour production, and sound engineering. He also got incomparable lessons and skills during his past days. For some time, the job was fine but it did not end well. That is how he decided to think outside the box and start his own business. Clay continues to say that his source of money is through the live production, sound engineering, and rigging services to clients. Other services include the management and production design as well as avail stage and logistics management services. His clients include the recommendations from friends, colleagues, and from former customers he has worked with. Learn more:

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