Cheering for Michel Terpins.

Actions speak louder than words and winners are not born but made. These are some of the words Michel terpins lives by. He has been in the Brazilian rally scene for some years and has continuously proved that through practice one can achieve a lot. Michel began his career in cross country and would become one in a lifetime champion. His reign at the top was so formidable that by the time he retired, he was elected chairman of the sport which was meant to ensure that his experience was put to good use and true to expectation he did not disappoint as a leader either. He has been able to revive a sport that had seen some level of stagnation and grow it into something that Brazilians could be proud of. His move into Rallying was however received with mixed reactions by fans. He had set the bar too high for himself during his days in the cross country, and fans would expect nothing less in rallying. They used to cheering for a champion, and they were not about to conform to any other standard it was not thus lost on him how much work he would need to put into before all his fans would agree to his newest move. He would team up with his brother to establish the Bull Sertoes rally team; this was the first clear statement of intent. He was proving to those that still doubted his move that he was in it for the long term and several years later, they have become believers. The team partnered with MEM Motorsport and together they developed the T-Rex . The T-Rex is T1 prototype category race car; this is a category that features two-wheel drive cars. The car has over the various editions of the Sertoes rallies received upgrades and modifications to meet the new challenges thrown at it. In the first ever competition that it took part in it suffered some minor setbacks but that would serve as a strong lesson for the team as the improvements that have been done on it have made it one of the most formidable cars.

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