A Tiny Brazilian Mosquito Has Spread Fear All Over The World According To Dr. Sergio Cortes


Most North Americans and South Americans didn’t know what the Zika virus was until about nine months ago. But the Zika virus is not a new disease. Africans in Uganda, Tanzania and Sierra Leone have been coming down with the symptoms of the Zika virus for the last seven decades. People in Thailand and India have known about the disease since the 1950s. The sad news is, there has never been a vaccine made to prevent the disease from spreading.

Brazil didn’t report its first case of the Zika virus until 2015. Right around that time, cases of the rare birth defect microcephaly were reported in same Northern towns in Brazil. The Ministry of Health, under the leadership of Dr. Sergio Cortes, put the two conditions together and the government put an alert out that said pregnant women in Northern Brazil may be especially venerable to the Zika virus because of the extensive breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito in that area of the country.

Dr. Cortes and his team went to work to prevent the spread of the virus. His team of researchers are trying to produce a vaccine. The World Health Organization also put out a travel alert that warned people to stay away from the Northern towns in Brazil. Sergio Cortes wasn’t convinced that the Zika virus and microcephaly were related. More studies got underway in order to stop the fear that was causing people in North and South America to panic at the mention of the Zika virus.

On his website, Dr. Cortes writes about the symptoms of the Zika virus and how long the symptoms last. He also writes about microcephaly and the potential cause of that disease. Cortes now believes that Zika and microcephaly are not as related as once thought. New information about crop-spraying with the Monsanto product, Pyriproxyfen, may be the cause of microcephaly. Pyriproxyfen causes a defect in new born mosquitoes, and that defect reduces the mosquito populations.

Dr, Cortes thinks there is a strong relationship between the Monsanto product and the increase in birth defects in the towns where Pyriproxyfen, is used to control the mosquito population, but more study is needed to confirm that theory.

For more information about the Zika virus and microcephaly visit the Dr. Cortes official site or his LinkedIn page. Facebook users can friend him on that social media site. And Twitter users can tweet Cortes.

Dan Newlin and His Great Path to Success

Dan Newlin is a professional who has laid a clear career background in the legal field. He is a graduate who has invested heavily in seeing injury victims are exposed to justice when making follow up for compensation and cover. He has worked boldly to defeat difficult terms that are instituted by insurance companies to deny their clients rightful compensation in the vent of injuries/ accidents. Dan Newlin has worked with different government departments within Florida and has amassed great experience that can be traced to date. His promise to service delivery and honesty has been witnessed in the many instances where he has managed to handle injury cases devoid of corrupt practices that can compromise access to justice.

As of the time he graduated from college, Dan Newlin was only 20 years. He joined the Florida Police department immediately he graduated from the Florida College of Law in 2000. This offered him a better platform to put his passion and skills into use. He was specifically appointed to handle the fire department with other professionals to ensure justice is realized in all cases that were presented. In one year after joining the force, he proved reliable and was recommended for a higher position in the force. He was later appointed to head different sections like the crimes section of the police in a bid to help streamline processes. Actually, his dedication and prowess stood out as he was able to get several awards after showing his worth and ability to deliver unique services that helped many to get their claims in time.

Working in the police department helped Dan Newlin to realize his worth and allowed him to have a different view of his career. This motivated him to step out and he established a law firm that would address issues to do with injury cases. His legacy in this field will keep growing as he managed to popularize the institution in less than two years for offering honest and responsive services to all clients. He later strategized to ensure the system got expansion by hiring additional professionals to help him in different tasks. He laid more emphasis on getting professionals who have been in the industry for many years.

As of today, Dan Newlin has managed to help more than 400 clients to get their injury claims. His process has been seamless and will handle all steps until the victim receives full compensation. One of the most important factors that have helped his firm to stand out is also inviting retired professionals, who have been offering invaluable advice on how to run the firm well. He has also ensured all the rates offered are affordable to all classes of clients.

Haidar Barbouti Still Thriving After 25 Years In Houston

Houston does have a problem. As it turns out the once thriving real estate industry is sinking like a stone. In the last few years, a number of issues have contributed to Houston’s stagnant market but the oil and gas boom seems to the worst. Houston once had one of the most vibrant housing markets in the U.S. Even as the eighth-largest city, housing for the middle class was pretty affordable. Today, you would need a private eye to find new, affordable housing for middle-class first-time buyers.

Top real estate economists are seeing the trend. “Houston rents are pricey and going even higher due to the lack of home sales,” according to Texas A&M research economist Jim Gaines. Although oil prices have dropped, unemployment is still surging. This in turn is causing Houston’s real estate market to take a hit. And not just that. Home builders are concentrating on building large, luxury homes to make a profit. Many in the real estate market believe that things in Houston will get worse before they get better. “It will get better,” according to Gaines. We saw this same thing in 1980, and the market bounced back.

Commercial real estate, however, is still rising. Haidar Barbouti, one of the most successful builder in the state of Texas is still going strong. He attributes his massive success for finding a niche. His was purchasing the Highland Village shopping center in 1983. He hasn’t seen a bad year since. “Many people advised against it,” says Barbouti. The odds have paid off for Barbouti, whose center has attracted many upscale clients like Starbucks and Crate and Barrel.

You have to keep an eye on the market and have a bit of good luck. Barbouti says he had no doubt that expanding and installing things that people would like, despite the recession, would have positive results. His shopping center is operating heads and shoulders above the rest. While residential real estate is floundering, Barbouti continues to thrive.

A number of economists believe Houston is on the cusp of a comeback. “It’s only a matter of time,” says real estate agent, Mario Negron. Houston, like other cities is going through a cycle. They all have ups and downs. In the meantime, builders are encouraged to continue to construct middle-class homes so that first-time home buyers won’t have to leave the city and look elsewhere.

The Different Types of Investing

While it is common to think merely of buying stocks from the market when the topic of investing comes up, it is important that there are plenty of different types of investments. By definition, investing is putting forth money with the purpose of generating a return. The return is generally greater than the initial capital put forth. This goes beyond the stock market or an account. Anything could be considered an investment. One example of an investment is when one buys computer equipment which includes Internet access, a monitor, keyboard, hard drive and other pieces of equipment with the sole purpose of starting up an online business or working online. This is considered an investment. The equipment used can help bring in some extra money. Eventually, the person will earn back all of the money he spent on the product.

Often times, business owners put forth a lot of capital in order to get their business going. Eventually, they make enough money from their business to finally profit from the establishment that they paid for.

Another example of an investment is when one puts their money in an account with the purpose of collecting interest. They often sign up for an investment period in which a certain amount of interest is gained over time. Among the different investment plans include compounding. This is one of the more sought out accounts for making profits from investing.

One person that is worth looking to as an example for investing is Brad Reifler who is a founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. He is an expert in finance and investing, being a star trader at a company called Refco before founding Pali Capital. Reifler started his first business under the name of Reifler Trading Company. His first company eventually was taken over by Refco. Reifler continues to be an example among investors.

FreedomPop Scores Big Win with European Investments

FreedomPop has been allegedly on the fence regarding whether or not they should sell themselves after rising to prominence in a buyer friendly market for mobile carriers. As reported by Recode.net, FreedomPop received up to six offers across their table before deciding to push for independence and turn them all down. Now CEO Stephen Stokols appears to be guiding the company toward a global expansion that would give FreedomPop new life in countries all over the world.

Right now FreedomPop is still floating thanks to a successful round of funding which was led by European venture capital group Partech Ventures. Partech Ventures, in association with DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital, invested upwards of $30 million dollars to the fledgling company out of Los Angeles. Their investment doubled the value of the company while giving FreedomPop the opportunity to seriously begin an over seas expansion.

Citing that it was ‘premature to sell’, Stokols went on to detail why he wanted to push forward with their branching out. FreedomPop is looking at the U.K. as their next big launching point and they’ve already rolled out their basic program. U.K. customers are able to sign on for the basic package which gives them a free amount of limited data, text, and SMS.

The freemium model has been working well for FreedomPop ever since they got their start and CEO Stephen Stokols says that the company is rounding out on their million customer mark. Their goal has been to provide a free service to their customers in order to get a large base of users. Afterwards those customers can pay for additional services or stick to the basic program, only ever paying when it comes time to deal with overages. Stokols admits that most customers will likely end up never paying a dime to the company, but the rest will keep the company in the profit.

Efforts in Britain to Reintroduce Wild Animals

The Guardian has a story about reintroducing certain wild animals that were either extinct in Britain or in danger of extinction. At Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire, wild horses and herds of feral cattle roam the 760 hectare refuge. The site is reclaimed farmland allowed to revert to fen. The National Trust has plans to increase its size to 5,300 hectares.

In Scotland, the Scottish Wildlife Trust is conducting a trial reintroduction of a beaver colony. Beaver became extinct in Britain in the 16th century and the reintroduction has captured the public imagination. There is some doubt that the Scottish government will allow the colony to remain.

Applications have been submitted for a trial release of 18 lynx at various locations in Aberdeenshire, Cumbria, Northumberland, and Norfolk. Lynx have not been seen in those areas for over 1,200 years. The plan has high public support, as Brad Reifler and others point out.

Other private reintroductions in Britain include wolves, bear, and wild boar. Not all these plans enjoy enthusiastic public support, though. Some worry about livestock predation, and others about safety in the outdoors. Some argue that wolves and bears would help control deer populations, which have grown to be pests in some areas. Others are concerned that farmland and food production is being sacrificed to make room for wild animals.

Powerful Earthquake Does Major Damage In Nepal

The Earth is in a transition period. Our hunger for oil and gas around the globe is having an effect on the internal bones of our planet. No one talks about that. Very few scientists want to say what they really think about all the earthquakes that are happening around the world.

Nepal’s 7.8 magnitude quake is just one of many major quakes that will take the lives of thousands, destroy part of the infrastructure of cities, and devastate the monuments and ancient places of worship that mean so much to so many.

Sam Tabar suggests that the quakes are products of shifting continental plates that continue to move about an inch a year. Some scientist believe they are moving faster than that now. The reason is a massive reconfiguration of the Earth. The Earth is designed to adjust to the life on and in it. Our quest to populate the world, and use fossil fuels to help maintain our ever-growing population is changing the Earth’s core. If we lost as much blood (percentage wise) as the Earth has lost blood, or what we call oil, we would make some adjustments too.

Needle Exchange Program Extended as HIV Crisis in Indiana Keeps Getting Worse

A recent explosion in HIV cases in a small county in Indiana has caused the Governor to declare a state of emergency in response. The recent spread of HIV is blamed on an increase of intravenous drug use of Opana among residents, who also had limited access to sterile needles. Since the start of the program, 5,322 clean needles have been given freely to over 80 residents of Scott County, Indiana.

An astounding 106 cases of HIV have been diagnosed this year alone, all in a county who has an average of five new cases per year. So, the needle exchange program is funded by the Department of Health in efforts to gain control over the dangerous situation.

STX Entertainment reports though, HIV no longer carries a death sentence with its diagnosis, there is still cause for major alarm. The disease is spread through intimate contact with bodily fluids, something health officials have managed to contain relatively successfully in most parts of the country. Yet, the recent outbreak of Indiana is a reminder that the virus has not yet been terminated, and there is no cure for infectious disease. Luckily, treatments for HIV have come a long way and offer patients the chance at living a full life, even after a positive diagnosis.

Julian Assange Agrees to Interrogation Inside Embassy

Julian Assange accepts being questioned by the Swedish justice at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, said his Swedish lawyer, Per Samuelsson

The Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny announced Friday the proposal to send a magistrate to London to question Assange, having so far refused to do so and always ask to question him in Sweden.

Two Swedish courts had rejected the request of lawyers to lift the order and interrogate Assange in London, however, many had criticized senior prosecutor, Marianne Ny’s judgment and stalling the process and for not offering alternative routes to interview Assange.

Assange.denies allegations of rape of two Swedish women, dating back to 2010 from what Marc Sparks told me.

He has hidden in the embassy in lieu of returning to Sweden, fearing whether Sweden would then try to extradite him to the United States for his role in the publication of 250,000 US diplomatic cables and 500,000 military reports which were classified.

“We cooperate fully with the investigation. He will accept” Samuelsson said, adding that his client is “happy” for this step forward said.

The Swedish justice for rape investigates three applications submitted by two Swedish women against Assange, who in turn denies it categorically it ever happened.

Since June 2012, Assange has taken refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in the British capital to avoid a European arrest warrant that Britain wants to fulfill if he leaves the embassy.

Security Flaw Makes Many Government Sites open To Attack

A security flaw from the 90s may be leaving users of Apple and Android devices open to cyberattacks. Called “Factoring attack on RSA-EXPORT Key” or FREAK, the flaw makes users susceptible to being hacked when they choose to visit certain sites on the web that are thought to be secure.

You might think that they websites in question are fake, or not heavily trafficked, but in fact they’re sites that many people in the United States visit regularly, including whitehouse.gov, the FBI’s website and even the website for the NSA.

The issue comes in the type of encryption used on those pages, The government originally required users to use 512-bit encryption o sites so they could be accessed while overseas., and enact stronger encryption rules in the United States. the result was that developers had to create a way for the site to deliver bot levels of encryption, something that made it more susceptible for hackers stated business journals.