Bob Reina: It’s Happening This Second

Talk Fusion is happening right now. That is why their slogan is “Be Part Of The Moment.” It’s a fantastic slogan and it really is true of our times. A lot of people are sitting on the sidelines in life and they are not fully utilizing all of the things that are in front of them and all of the things they can use to better themselves at work and in life. By being part of the moment with Talk Fusion, they are taking back control of their life. They have a strong grasp on it. There is just something about Bob Reina that really generates a positive reaction out of people.


Not too many people can say that about themselves if they are the CEO or founder of a company. They can be scary or they can come across as being too strict. Now, Bob Reina is determined and he is focused, that is a fact. No one can dispute that. However, he knows how to put people at ease. There is a reason he used to work in law enforcement. That is not by mistake. That took a lot of training and a lot of commitment on his part. He was out there serving and protecting the people. Now, he’s helping out people that are looking to use Talk Fusion’s state of the art video technology to better themselves and have a more enjoyable life.


That is what everyone out there wants. They want to have a more enjoyable life. Now, some people already have that and they are living a great life. However, I would have to say that most people are living a life that is ho hum and not that exciting for them. I’m not here to criticize them for that, as they have done what is necessary to take care of their family. However, they can take care of their family and they can do something that also fills them with excitement and passion as well.


When their children see that, it will serve as a reminder that anything is possible and they can achieve all of their dreams with hard work and the right tools in front of them. Learn more:


Talk Fusion: A Simple Service but a Big Impact

Communicating has never been easier with the introduction of the Talk Fusion video messaging, conferencing, and emailing application. Since its debut in 2007, Talk Fusion has been making waves in the technological community by providing a necessary service at a reasonable price. For the low price of $20 per month, after purchasing the basic service at the one time cost of $175, consumers are able to create content and to store emails for later usage. The video content that they are able to create with this account can last up to five minutes, and they are able to customize it with a variety of templates or even their company’s very own logo. The storage, in and of itself, is a very valuable attribute to the service because clients are able to store up to 1000 different emails. This makes it possible for them to hang on to newsletters and other valuable content that they have sent out to their consumers.


For a company that is only 11 years old, Talk Fusion has done a wonderful job of making their services indispensable. If an individual or company is looking to establish themselves in the business world, or simply looking to increase their visibility in the online community, then they need to use the service in order to achieve those results. In fact, “Does the Talk Fusion App Live up to the Hype?”, an article featured on explains that this service will continue to be a necessary part of telecommunication in the future. They have expanded to almost 140 different countries and are available across a variety of platforms, including smartphones that run on Android or Apple software. In fact, clients are able to access the services anywhere that they are able to access the Internet. This means that they can do business from the comfort of their own home or while they are out in the world using their cellular data. This ability to cater to mobility is one of the reasons why storage is so important for customers.


While it seems like such a small service, one of Talk Fusion’s biggest selling points is that it allows for videos to be embedded into the emails that their customers send. This is why it has become so renowned and easy to use. It is specifically designed for people who are on the go. As it services continue to develop, there is no doubt that it will edge out more of the competition. Learn more:

Bob Reina: It’s Your Turn

Bob Reina has always been about doing big things in life. He does not want to just be mediocre or another face in the crowd. He wants to be someone that stands out, makes a difference, and influences people in a positive way. That is how he loves to live his life. He has gone on record in saying that he gets paid by the amount of dreams that he can make come true by people that use Talk Fusion. Bob Reina is a motivational speaker, and he knows how to reach people and get them inspired in life. Inspiration is a great tool to have at your disposal.

When someone is inspired, they can truly accomplish anything they want to accomplish in life. There is not a single thing out there that is too big or too hard for them. They have their head on straight, and it is just a matter of going out there and doing it. It is really simple, but sometimes people make it out to be bigger than it actually is because it is built up in their head. When they relax, follow the process of Talk Fusion, and listen to Bob Reina, they will see what can be achieved.

Bob Reina is not the kind of leader that is a demanding person. He wants everyone to feel comfortable and like they are doing something they want to do as opposed to something they feel forced into doing by someone else. It is a big reason why Talk Fusion offers 30-day free trials for new customers. It is to let them know they don’t have anything to worry about with Talk Fusion. If they don’t like it or it’s not a fit for them, they can walk away from it.

However, people don’t walk away from Talk Fusion. They stick with it and they see the tremendous results they have when they use it and follow through with all of the perks that come with it such as their great video applications. They see a life that is the one they have wanted since they were little. Learn more:

Bob Reina: The Ideal CEO

Bob Reina is someone that is the real deal when it comes to being the boss and CEO of Talk Fusion. It is not something he takes for granted. As a matter of fact, he is honored to be in this position. It is something that means the world to him as a human being. The idea for a video technology company came in 2007 and eleven years later, it is bigger and better than ever. It is growing by the day in terms of customers, employees, and awards. Bob Reina has always done his best to push the company forward along with the help of his trusted employees. It is something that really matters to him and it is in his blood.

In life, it is easy to spot the phonies from the people that are real, authentic, and speak from the heart. Bob Reina has given a lot of inspirational speeches throughout the years. He is very comfortable in front of a microphone and he knows his message is not going to get lost in the weeds. People are going to respond to it, and he wants to be out there delivering the message to anyone that is interested.

Bob Reina knows a lot of people are unhappy, miserable, and sad at their jobs. It breaks his heart to hear this and to know about it, but he wants to make a difference and he wants to see how badly they want. Talk Fusion gives them all of the video tools they need to get their company up and running. After that, the ball is in their court. They will use all of the bad things that have happened to them as motivation to climb the ladder. They will do whatever it takes to make sure their company or their idea is a success.

When they hear the word “no,” they will use that as fuel to prove the doubters wrong. They don’t have a doubter in Bob Reina. They have someone that truly believes in them and has their back every step of the way through thick and thin. Learn more:

Advancing Video Marketing with Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a video marketing enterprise, and it recently launched a video chat application. The officials of the company announced that they re-engineered the application and added more features. The features include video support, custom URLs, permanent chat rooms and contact management. The app also has a screen, file and desktop sharing with everything powered by the WebRTC technology. Talk Fusion terms WebRTC as the precursor in synchronized communications. It creates the need for third-party plugins since it consolidates communication while increasing security measures as well as improving the experience of the user.


Talk Fusion has revolutionized the video communications industry through the addition of new features which are WebRTC-powered. Ryan Page who is the chief technical officer at Talk Fusion said that the application would provide users with a new method of doing things. He added that the option of the state-of-the-art-voice-only calling improves the quality of the audio that WebRTC offers to the users. According to Page, the new technology feature by Talk Fusion has the most advanced components in the world. The customers of Talk Fusion will now have the opportunity to make high-quality audio calls regardless of where they are in the world. Talk Fusion has made it possible for the world to connect, build and share in a different way.


The new product by Talk Fusion is influential and at the same time straightforward. According to Bob Reina who is the CEO of Talk Fusion, the new application has a different look with an intuitive interface on the video chat. The new look will allow the users to have more control and comes with a lot of flexibility compared to the previous version. Bob Reina said that the new video chat could adapt itself to the user meaning the user will not have to adjust to it. Before Talk Fusion released the new product to the market, the VIP Council first tested and approved it.


Talk Fusion is a company involved in the industry of video marketing. Bob Reina heads the company and serves in the capacity of CEO. Bob Reina is also the founder of Talk Fusion and started the company after he saw the need to send an email in the form of a video. The first product to be produced by Talk Fusion was video email, and it allowed its users to come up with emails based on their preferences.  Learn more:

Entrepreneurial Visionary & CEO of Talk Fusion – Bob Reich

Entrepreneurial visionary Bob Reich is founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution in the world. Bob has always believed in himself and invested in his goals to achieve his dreams. As a University of South Florida student working several jobs to pay the bills and afford school, bob found a way not only to graduate from the police academy but to graduate as number one in his class. It was this same positive can-do attitude that eventually lead Bob to leave behind his honorable day job of enforcing Florida law to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Learn more:


One day back in 2004 Bob was viewing a home for sale in North Carolina that he was interested in purchasing and he decided to take a quick video to send to his family. The decision would lead him to the most successful move of his professional life. When he tried attaching and sending the file through his AOL account he was sorely disappointed to find that it was not possible. Being a man of vision, Bob quickly realized what he had discovered; a wide open door into a previously uncharted market. With the help of long time friend and associate Dr. Jonathan Chen, Talk Fusion and Video Email was born.


Recently Bob’s brainchild Talk Fusion has introduced a new and improved version of Live Meetings, an impressive WebRTC system based product that allows users real-time communications including seamless one-way meets as well as video conferences of up to 500+ users at a time. The updated software is completely accessible through the user’s web browser and no additional downloads or plug-ins are necessary. With built in security, crystal clear video & audio, lag-less operations, and a visually appealing interface, the communications system is easily ahead of anythings else in the industry.


Bob resides in Brandon, Florida, USA. He is a family man, successful owner of a business with a net worth of over $100 million dollars, and donates regularly to Charity. As an animal lover, and proud pet owner himself, he recently he helped the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office acquire a new K9 unit named”Thunder.” Bob also serves on the Board of Directors for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.


Talk Fusion: No Hype, Just Results

When people Google Talk Fusion, they will find a lot of positive stories and a lot of happy customers. It makes Bob Reina (founder and CEO) happy and it also makes all of the employees happy. It is hype and hype helps build up the company and it gets people’s attention. They don’t just want to be a company that is built on hype, though. They want to be a company which changes lives and offers hope. Mental health is something that often gets stigmatized and often gets overlooked and underappreciated. The reason for that is because if people can’t see it, they don’t understand it.

The person dealing with it, though, is in incredible pain. They are suffering, sad, and they don’t know how to deal with it. In many cases, not all, it is because work has totally and completely defeated them. They don’t feel like they are living the life they have pictured in their head. They had grand ideas and big dreams. They really wanted to see them come true, but something stopped them. In many cases, someone got inside their head and filled that head with doubt. They let someone control their feelings and their thoughts. Instead, they should have stayed true to themselves and believed in themselves.

That is the answer to the problem at the end of the day. Bob Reina believes in everyone and he wants greatness for everyone. Talk Fusion has achieved greatness in the ten years they have been up and running in voice, data, and chat. They have done it the old-fashioned way, which is being good people, having good ideas, and never stopping until it is perfect. It has paid off with them winning the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award ( from the Technology Marketing Corporation, which is called a media giant in the article.

When a company is considered a media giant and has high standards, it shows Talk Fusion has won an award from a company that has a lot of merit. They won two awards from this company in 2016!