Consumer Feedback Leads to Astonishiong Improvements at White Shark Media

White Shark Media has helping business owners attract more clients and increase their bottom line for many years. While most clients have expressed a high level of satisfaction with their services, a few clients indicated that they needed more avenues of communication as well as marketing campaigns that effectively garnered rapid and continuous results. As a result of the feedback, White Shark Media not only worked diligently to address consumers concerns, but they have successfully enhanced the overall quality of the consumer experience.

While reviewing consumer feedback, it was noted that consumers experienced some difficulty in communicating with the staff of White Shark Media, as mentioned in a few Youtube videos. In order to address this issue, White Shark Media increased the channels of communication available to their clients.

A new access phone system equipped with direct extensions has been installed at the headquarters so that customers can contact any member of the staff directly. In order to further enhance the consumer engagement, White Shark Media holds monthly GoToMeeting calls. Not only does this form of communication allow the clients to effectively engage with the company, but it also educates the clients on the direction of the company while keeping them abreast of any changes yet to come.

Shopify says that these efforts of communications have really set White Shark Media apart from other marketing companies. Since the changes, consumer feedback has been consistently positive and supportive as posted on sites like and Consumers have reported that they feel valued as a customer, stating that the company is reliable and responsive.

The customers feel more in control of their campaigns and success as a whole. This is partly because clients receive Google Adwords campaign reports so that they are more informed about the specifics involved in their campaigns. These reports not only provides details about the results obtained through the marketing, but it also informs the client as to the exact strategies that are employed to widen their customer base. This is just another example of how White Shark Media communicates with their customers not only to educate them but empower them.

In addition to improving the channels of communication, White Shark Media significantly revamped their marketing services in order to accommodate customers who are in need of more strategic marketing campaigns. In addition to developing web content, optimizing marketing materials for search engines as listed on White Shark media’s profile, White Shark Media also enhances their clients marketing campaigns by utilizing powerful mobile marketing techniques in order to attract and convert consumers (get more details here:

The marketing strategies employed by White Shark Media are powerful and effective enough to increase their clients’ brand recognition, website traffic and conversions. As the result, clients have experienced a constant and consistent source of increased natural, targeted and demographic based traffic. In addition, White Shark Media clients have experienced a rapid growth in their Consumer base resulting in exponential increase in first-time sales and a large percentage of repeat sales from loyal customers.